Links and resources on sickle cell disease. 

The Sickle Cell Disease Association of America

A great resource for sickle cell information


Your genes your health

A multimedia guide to sickle cell disease.


National Institutes of Health

Sickle cell information from the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute.


The cord blood center

Provides free and comprehensive information for expectant mothers and families considering cord blood banking. Educates on the uses of umbilical cord blood in helping children survive terminal illnesses, including sickle cell anemias.


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Comprehensive collection of downloadable materials and guides on sickle cell disease. 

Sickle cell information center

Provides education, news and research updates, including articles pertaining to children and sickle cell.



A multimedia guide to beta-thalassemia.


American Society of hematology

Research, education, and publications.


cord blood guide

Offers a free downloadable guide as well as user friendly content relating to cord blood and how cord blood banking works.


be the match

National marrow donor program.


Science Lesson from Scholastic: Sickle cell trait

In-lab science lesson for grades 9-12.